Product Updates

Oceania Water Group has many types of  tanks in use within the residential, semi-rural, rural, agricultural, horticultural, and mining sectors to name but a few. We pride ourselves on being local which means we have to become part of each and every community within the nation.


Our water tanks have a wide variety of suitable uses:


  • Agricultural (Vine Yards)

  • Farming

  • Domestic rural

  • Hotel Industries

  • Commercial (Waste Water, Fire Tanks, etc)


This is why these producers place their trust in Oceania Water Group. When it comes to reliable and quality water tanks and sewage customers know and trust the Oceania name for good reason. Many hotels in Mamanuca, Yasawa and Lau group in Fiji are where many of our happy customers are located.As well as getting safe, clean and reliable water to you, we also have to take it away once you have used it. So when you have bath, flush the toilet or use your washing machine, it’s our job to make sure that all that used water - now called ‘sewage’ or ‘wastewater’ - is put safely back into the environment. Septic Tanks provide an onsite sewage disposal system for homes on the urban fringe and in rural or remote locations.


Oceania Water Group is a local company pump suppler and importer with a formidable presence with a backup service as when needed in Fiji and its outer Islands. It possesses an enviable product-portfolio comprising of a wide range of stainless steel pumps and bore hole pump and motors. Every product from Oceania Water Group is defined by premium quality and supreme energy efficiency. We are an innovative answer to the energy needs of today and tomorrow. Equipped with the best technology and a commitment to bring about a positive difference in the lives of people, Oceania is pumping progress and happiness. Oceania Water Group is also specialized in all kinds of pressure controls for water pumps and air pumps, electronic pressure controls and other accessory products. We also have a wide range of products which are used in projects.

    Working with clients throughout the life of their projects    

Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Desalination Plants