Oceania Water Group Fiji is a sister company of Oceania Water Treatment Australia. Fiji branch was registered in March 2009 as Neil Towner has work in and around Fiji for the pasted 15 years working, installing, designing and servicing water treatment plant throughout Fiji and small Pacific countries.
Business Overview

Many islands and resorts maybe finding it hard to maintain high standards of drinking water and waste water treatment in the current economic climate. The Oceania Water Group are able to take a "hands on", holistic approach to water supply, water treatment, storage tanks, and disposal of treated water in a safe and proper manner.

It has been proven to be paramount to link this approach with ongoing servicing and staff training, to ensure remote communities and resorts enjoy the quantity and quality of safe water which is now fast becoming a requirement for doing successful business in a pristine Environment. .

Oceania Water Treatment and the supporting group of manufacturers have many years experience in the design and installation of water treatment facilities, desalination RO plants and sewage treatment plants in the pacific. Neil established Oceania Water Treatment as a "hands on" water infrastructure planning and installation company, specialising in tourist resorts and communities.

Water is a very valuable commodity in the world today and to be able to recycle water efficiently is vital. There will have cost savings in the long run by recycling your water and it will alter your bottom line considerably over the coming years. Why not ask the questions of Oceania Water Treatment to see how the benefits can come your way while doing your best for your environment in which you and your family live?

Due to the remote locations of some of the developments it is often a requirement for the water desalination, Sewerage treatment and waste water recycling units to be made easily transportable, robust and reliable units.

With all of these things considered Oceania Water Group can offer a diverse range of treatment options as we believe that there is not a one shoe fits all occasions approach.

If you are looking for a company that will sit down and assist in concept layouts early in your development as well as be able to install, train staff and offer long term servicing of your units please email us from the contacts page or call to discuss you options.


With 12 years experience in design and installation of water treatment facilities, Neil has been through years of in-house studies with sewage treatment plant designs and installations as well as desalination plants intended for remote locations such as mining camps, remote communities and Pacific Resorts.

Neil has cultivated a "hands on" water planning approach and has become an experienced specialist for tourist resorts and communities needing assistance to deliver a highly reliable supply of quality water.

The Oceania team has been heavily involved in both commercial and domestic water treatment where no municipal treatments are available like that which is found in normal cities. Plants have been installed for standard and luxury homes right up to resorts and remote communities.

Accreditation & Associations

Oceania Water Treatment is currently an Allied member of the Pacific Water Association, and the Fiji Islands Hotel and Tourism Association.

Oceania intends to be actively involved with the SOPAC in Fiji.

Neil Towner has been involved with the Australian Hydraulics Association for over 11 years, and has also been a member of and has been involved with the Australian Water Association for the passed 11 years.

Pacific Water Association member, Fiji Islands Hotel and Tourism, Australian Hydraulics Association Member
Associated Business

Narellan Pools
Narellan Pools are world leaders when it comes to exporting (fiberglass) pools and are currently exporting to; Europe, Middle East, Asia, Pacific Islands and New Zealand.
Narellan Pools have been manufacturing world-class pools for over 37 years – this equates to more than 17,000 happy Narellan Pool customers. Narellan Pools is also Australia's most awarded pool builder, winning over 100 industry awards. These statistics more than qualify Narellan Pools as a reputable and experienced pool manufacturer.

Typical Users & Client Catagories
  • Resort Developments

  • Existing Resorts in Pacific, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and PNG

  • Remote Church Organisation

  • Pacific Remote communities

  • Eco Tourism Developments

  • Consulting Engineers and Architects

  • Local Building Companies

“ The Oceania Water Group takes a hand on Holistic approach to water

    Working with clients throughout the life of their projects    

Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Desalination Plants